He literally lives his life as if Drake and Josh never ended.

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haha if u ever think ur a screw up remember that sometimes sloths grab their own limbs thinking theyre branches and fall out of trees

Awwww nooooo


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anyway, whatever i guess.
me, probably, about some complex personal emotional problem  (via geeses)

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wow yup karma definitely isn’t gay


wow yup karma definitely isn’t gay

Patrick Stump: Soul Punk Era

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When I was just starting high school, a girl who rode my bus invited me to stay the night at her house and when I did she got really emotional and told me no girls ever stayed over because she was a lesbian and if you don’t think that’s the saddest thing ever you need to re-evaluate your life

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Kat Dennings Instagram: 

"Here it is, ladies! My ALS ice bucket challenge"

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